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Kite Lessons – Costa Brava

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From 60€/h

Would you like to learn how to kitesurf in one of the top kiting destinations in Spain? The best and easiest way to learn is to complete a kitesurf course on your holiday! Join us on our Kitesurf lessons Costa Brava where you will learn and progress faster.

This kitesurf holiday is at one of the best locations in Costa Brava and suitable for all levels – beginner to advanced riders. Join us in Sant Pere Pescador and let the wind play with your feelings. 

For travel and accommodation information get in touch, we will be happy to help you to find best accomodation, transport, etc.. in the area.


Safety first. Understanding the basic concepts, wind conditions, use of kitesurfing equipment and its safety systems, as well as rights of way, are essential for your own safety and for those around you! We strongly advise against self-learning as it presents a more dangerous, longer, incomplete, and, often incorrect process. Our kite courses are comprehensive and, at the same time, pleasant and fun. After you have completed the course, you will be able to keep practicing on your own in a safety way.


Kitesurf lessons include all necessary equipment (kite, bar, board, harness, and safety gear), which is carefully chosen according to the current weather conditions and the students’ needs.

Kite courses are for those with the desire to learn about one of the greatest sports, ability to swim and the weight of no less than approximately 35 kg. People below this weight can still practice, and have fun, with the  trainer kite.

Kitesurf lesson plan

The kite course will begin with some simple theory and real life situations. You will learn

  • how to recognise suitable conditions for kitesurfing and to analyse the spot
  • how to use your safety systems
  • key concepts, like the wind window, power zone etc., signals for launching and landing
  • kiting rights of way (how to behave on the water amongst others)
  • where to check and how to interpret wind forecasts
  • choosing the right equipment and setting it up

Followed by learning how to

  • control, launch and land the kite
  • complete a self-rescue in case of any issues
  • body drag in the water and recover your board (when we lose it while kitesurfing)
  • stand up on the board and ride by correctly handling the kite
  • ride further and eventually reaching the main goal of consistently riding upwind

Then …. Transitioning. Toe-side riding. Self launching. Jumping.
And much more, on our freestyle courses and kite camps for independent riders!


We offer kitesurf lessons in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Catalan.


Safety during kite lessons – A student will always wear the necessary safety equipment (helmet, vest…). The size of the kite will be adapted to the wind strength, weight and level of the student.


2 hours course: 140€ per person

4 hours course: 270€ per person

6 hours course: 380€ per person

8 hours course: 480€ per person

2 hours private course: 180€ per person

Semi-private: 2 people x 1 instructor x 1 or 2 kites

Private: 1 person x 1 instructor x 1 kite


Lessons take place at the beautiful beaches of Sant Pere Pescador, in the Golf of Roses (Costa Brava).


Our dedication and professionalism. All of us are kitesurfing professionals with vast knowledge and experience obtained by working in different kite spots all over the world. We put passion in our teaching and aim to give you the best coaching you can get.


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