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This is that special kitesurf holiday place, where the wind never lets you down and where you find great conditions for every type of riding style and level. The wind blows strong, but smooth, and will not let you rest, if you don’t want to, during the long season. And, as if this is not good enough, additionally, you will have plenty of space on water for your enjoyment. Say hello to endless golden beaches of Brazil, the true kitesurf paradise.

And if you would like to discover a gem, we invite you to Lagoinha. A small village, where life is still sweet and pleasant, with a variety of kitesurfing conditions at its best. Constant winds will welcome you from July until February, blowing from 20 to 28 knots.

10 hours / 1 week

A complete kite package including a full kite course, accommodation and airport transfer. This course is for people, who have no experience in kitesurfing and would like to learn this amazing sport.

3 hours / 1 day refresher

You already have some experience but haven’t been kitesurfing for some time and would like to refresh your knowledge. In 3 hours we will get you to the point where you left last time you were on the water.

coaching / 1 week

The kite camp is for people, who can already ride. An intensive progression week. More than 20 hours of professional coaching with video analysis. Great way to push your level and meet other kiters. 


Kitesurfing in Lagoinha is fantastic – nice wave spots, beach breaks, and great flat water lagoon 3km downwind. Truly a complete menu of different conditions, all at their best, never crowded, and accompanied by perfect steady wind, which blows 18-28 knots or even more, all day in weather conditions of 25-27°C ocean and 26-32°C air temperature.

Lagoinha Bay

The best area to kitesurf right below the village starts in front of the restaurant and pousada called Kite Point. The beach is wide and sandy with lots of space to organize the gear in a cultural setting – Lagoinha is a popular day destination for Brazilians. Once set, you can opt from staying in the chop, looking for the waves a bit upwind or heading downwind to play in the lagoon.

The wind direction is side shore, changing to side onshore in the afternoon. You will find steady wind in the downwind part of the bay, and gusty with some holes, upwind close to the cliff.

Water conditions vary from small to medium chop, depending on the tides. Near the two cliffs, decorated by palm trees, clean breaks are created. There you can enjoy kitesurfing in side onshore wind conditions, otherwise the wind is sheltered.

Lagoa do Jegue

The Donkey lagoon is set among sand dunes and owned by the wild donkeys. This is your freestyle heaven. Flat water conditions, steady wind, and you can stand almost everywhere. Check the water depth, as it changes every season, depending on rainfall. It is located three kilometres downwind from the village.


Pousada do Sol has a great location, close to the beach and the main square, accompanied by impeccable hospitality and cozy atmosphere.

Their clean rooms feature a TV, fridge, and an air-conditioner. Enric, the proud and artistic owner, takes care of charming details.

Delicious breakfast is served on their garden terrace.

You will feel as at home in this pousada, offering superb comfort and service. Their restaurant has a pleasant Brazilian vibe, where you can taste great dishes, and top notch caipirinhas. There is even a swimming pool for you to relax in, after a great windy day.

Warm and rustic construction, set in a lush tropical garden make pousada Rosa dos Ventos especially inviting.

Spacious rooms feature eucalyptus built beds, which, covered with pure cotton sheets, promise a restorative sleep. Your private balcony is equipped with hammocks and puffs where you can relax between and after sessions. All the rooms are equipped with TV, fridge, ventilator and an air-conditioner.

There is also a common kitchen available if you wish to prepare your own meals or snacks. Barbecue and a wood oven are not missing in the lovely garden, which also features a small swimming pool.


  • choose from some of great downwind options in the area – Barra do Trairí, Rio Curu, Guajirú, Mundaú or Fleixeras
  • visit the Sunday market in Paraipaba
  • go for a buggy excursion to Lagoa das Almecegas
  • join the locals for Zumba on the main square twice a week
  • sign up for introduction to capoeira


This small fisherman village, located two hours drive from the Fortaleza airport, is beautiful, safe and very authentic. Life here is slow, and people are very nice and helpful. The perfect place to combine your love for travelling and kiting.

The lagoon is a world class spot, just a short drive from the village, where you find perfect flat water conditions. It’s deep enough to be safe, and shallow enough to be able to stand, which makes it perfect for coaching and the kitesurf courses. In addition, there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy comfortably and kite safely. Why do we like it so much? Well, what’s not to like after that description?! The best part is, that you’ll progress much faster in such welcoming conditions.

Right next to the village, we can kite in the ocean, and just going a little further north, we can even test our skills at the beach break wave spot.

Certainly one of the best kitesurfing locations in Brazil, suitable for all levels – beginner to advanced riders.


Flights connections

If arriving from the USA you will need to fly to Fortaleza via Sao Paolo or Rio de Janeiro, and flying from European cities with TAP Portugal via Lisbon (costs can vary 700-900 €). In order to save money and fly comfortably, plan ahead and check your options. We will be happy to help in finding the best solution.

Travel documents

Brazil follows a reciprocal visa system, so if Brazilian nationals need a visa to enter your country, it will be necessary for you to have a visa to enter Brazil.

At the time of writing visas are not required for nationals of EU countries for stays of up to 90 days. Nationals of Australia, Canada and the USA need visas. When in doubt please check with the Brazilian consulate in your country. All travelers must be in possession of onward or return tickets. Make sure you have least 6 valid months left in your passport.


Outside of Fortaleza it is difficult to withdraw money, so it is advisable to get Brazilian reals preferably in the comfort of your home country before arrival or at Fortaleza airport. There are no ATMs in Lagoinha, you will find them in a nearby village, Paraipaba.

Kite equipment

Smaller kites (7m and 9m) should cover your needs, for lightweight or female riders, kites should be one or two sizes smaller. Bring a surf board, if it forms part of your collection.

Voltage and internet connection

Standard European plugins.

Besides free wi-fi on the square up to two hours daily, there are two internet cafés. Most pousadas offer wi-fi connection free of charge. Do not expect high speed internet here.

Food and beverage

Small bars and restaurants around the square offer snacks, skewers, pastel and the typical “arroz e feijao” (rice and beans), caipirinhas etc. at very affordable prices.

If you are looking for a nice dinner out, Pousada do Sol has a great restaurant, where one portion feeds two people, as well as Viva Mar at the beach.

You will find açaí, a delicious tropical fruit snack, at Kite Point at the beach, or Book Café inside the pousada Mar A Vista.


Want to join us in Lagoinha?