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What Are Kite Camps

Kite camps are organised kite trips to carefully chosen destinations, spots that ensure perfect conditions for us to relish kitesurfing activities, and that offer something more besides wind and sun.

Not only do we focus on your progression, we also let ourselves be intrigued by the culture, taste the delights of local cuisine, venture to the desert and bathe our bodies in the morning sun, while stretching for better performance.

Let this memorable experience broaden the horizons of your world and be shared with new friends, who are just as in love with the sport and adventures, as you are.


Who are the kite camps for

Travellers, who usually join us on these escapes, look for a kitesurfing adventure, where while overcoming and setting new goals on water, they can also enjoy and have fun.

Like-minded people, from active couples, lone wind-chasers, to sporty families, all get together to focus primarily on kiting, while experiencing the country.

We are inviting you for a holiday, packed with fun and water activities, whether that means you are making your first successful waterstart, throwing a megaloop or riding a bigger wave. You dictate the rhythm – socialise and kite, but only as much as you decide to. Meet people, hang out or relax by yourself. The daily activities are run in groups of around 2 to 8 people and you get to share the experience with encouraging people, that adore the ocean and wind as much as you do.

Why choose to take a kiteboarding camp with Kite Escape

Besides discovering a great kite destination together, we coach and help you improve your kite skills like never before.

We are aware everyone is unique, so we adapt to each individual’s level, pace and personality. The team spend time on the water with you, so that we can show you the tricks, and supervise from the beach in order to analyse your riding. You are given tips and advice to new tricks or moves you are currently struggling with. Some objectives for the week are established and we make sure you assimilate as much information as possible. We also film you, so that we can watch your riding together and analyse it, which is very helpful as we can easily see the mistakes. This will make you regain motivation and help you complete the moves.

Safety, as well as the whole kitesurfing experience, is very important to us, so we make sure you are safe, and that you feel comfortable at all times.

And when the night falls…

We exchange the daily happenings over dinner, tasting some delicious local specialities, relax and let the stars show the way.

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