Making your way through uncharted territory
Set for the kite escape of your life.

Set for the kite escape of your life.

Follow the wind to a new adventure.

At Kite Escape we specialize in organizing and guiding you on breathtaking downwind kite trips, using our local knowledge and experience.

Few places come close to the conditions that await for you in Brazil. Say goodbye to crowded kiting areas. Say hello to endless beaches and expansive flat water lagoons, offering plenty of space for you to glide over water. Travelling with us spot to spot in Brazil might be one of the most amazing kiting adventures of your life. 

We invite you to discover Brazil’s coastline with the support of pro kite guides, who make certain you are safe and you have everything you need. Live epic downwind kite trips, visit precious flat or wave spots and places off the map supported by our guidance and a 4×4 following us closely, while we ride the ocean to the next lagoon.

Each tour can be custom designed according to the riders’ requirements, then prepared for actual weather conditions and scheduled with the tides in mind.

downwind kite trip lagoinha-brazil



The tour runs through the best wave spots and remote flat water lagoons, making sure you don’t miss out on any of the great spots on the way.

downwind kite trip brazil



For an off the beaten track experience we head to ride the lagoons, river mouths and open ocean north of Jeri, including the river delta of Parnaiba.

downwind kite trip lagoinha



This tour will truly give you a sense of remoteness. Ride the unexplored north and discover Llençois National Park as a final treat.

See a unique photo series of the best spots

See a unique photo series of the best spots

General Info

In Brazil you can kite as much as you can, so give importance to bringing equipment you can rely on, as you can spend many hours on water every day. The wind builds up the power as we travel further north, so include a smaller kite in your quiver. Don’t forget a surf board, if it forms part of your collection. 7m, 9m and 11m kites should cover your needs, for lightweight or female riders, kites should be one or two sizes smaller. We also recommend bringing an extra bar or spare parts and lines, and some screws. High sun factor and sunblock for the lips are essential, which is not the case for neoprene. We, however, prefer a shorty or a thin neoprene jacket to a lycra, as even though the water and air temperatures are high, it can get a bit chilly after spending many hours on water in the company of strong winds. The choice is yours.

The conditions on the way are dynamic, so we ask for the people joining the tours to have good riding skills and be able to safely handle self-rescue, quickly re-launch the kite on water and have some experience with kiting through dynamic conditions, as well as being in good physical shape. This is for safety reasons and for everyone’s enjoyment on water.

If you are unsure of your skills or would like to get set for such a journey, you are welcome to join us in Lagoinha before the tour on one of our kitesurf kite camps, or just for a few lessons to get you ready.

Travel Info

Flights connections

If arriving from the USA you will need to fly to Fortaleza via Sao Paolo or Rio de Janeiro, and flying from European cities with TAP Portugal via Lisbon (costs can vary 700-900 €). In order to save money and fly comfortably, plan ahead and check your options. We will be happy to help in finding the best solution.

Travel documents

Brazil follows a reciprocal visa system. At the time of writing visas are not required for nationals of EU countries for stays of up to 90 days. Nationals of Australia, Canada and the USA need visas. All travelers must be in possession of onward or return tickets. Make sure you have least 6 valid months left in your passport.


Outside of Fortaleza it is difficult to withdraw money, so it is advisable to get Brazilian reals preferably in the comfort of your home country before arrival or at Fortaleza airport.

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