Riding North

a spot to spot adventure

If you are anything like us, then you like your kite spots to be fairly empty during your sessions. This can, especially during the high season, result to be a rare thing to come across.

In Brazil, where the European kiting pilgrimage begins in October and lasts all throughout November, the unwritten rule is to go further North, in order to lose the crowds.

The following is an account of the highlights we made during our exploration of the Brazilian endlessness this past season.

A few kilometers down the beach from our base camp in Lagoinha we crossed the rio Trairí. There is an operating balsa on the scene that will take you to the other side at very high tide, otherwise your car will need to get wet. But hopefully not stuck.

This at high tide is a really awesome escape kite point, when the Lagoinha’s lagoon gets crowdy.

Passing charming Guajirú and Flecheiras, both excellent and never overcrowded spots, that offer some fun waves and chops, upon the arrival to the river delta of Mundaú, we were rewarded with a breathtaking view. Depending on the tides you can enjoy flat to somewhat choppy conditions at this spot. 

After we hit Baleia. The palm tree decorated bay was bathing in afternoon light, while we enjoyed chasing the small, but regular waves rolling in.

One of those surprisingly awesome sessions you play back in your mind as a special souvenir from a trip.

Driving along the beach to pretty Icaraizinho is a treat in its own, and a spot surely worth visiting there is the one they call “Secret” at the Punta.

When we arrived to the ferry crossing in Moitas, we knew this was going to be one of the highlights of the trip. We were about to land in a mangrove forrest, and only with the help of the local guide we made it through the muddy labyrinth.

All to discover a turquise lagoon in a desertic setting on the other side, waiting to be ridden.

After a short downwinder another paradise spot was waiting for us, the flat and spacious Torrões. Beautiful in its remoteness and desertedness. This was what we came for.

Magic continued at Guriú, a spot a bit norther from sandy Jericoacoara. Crossing the river to arrive to a dead mangrove forrest, you will feel Smeagol must be hidding around there somewhere.

And then…Strong winds and extraordinary skies.

After having the priviledge to ride at the Barra Grande’s lagoon, it was time to explore the Parnaiba river’s dunes and waters.

The third largest delta in the world is full of mangroves, river islands, and other type of habitats of funky species like the four-eyed fish, kaymans, turtles, crabs and many birds.

Where river meets the ocean, lies one of those perfect spots, where flatness is protected by a sand bank, wind is steady and you will have it to yourself, as there is no other way to get there but by boat.

We thought, it can’t possibly get any better than this. Wrong we were, indeed.

The trip to Atins was an adventure itself. Driving through a secret dune passage, and then loading everything onto a boat that was to take us across the river. We felt we were approaching the end of the world, if there existed such a place.

The journey was well worth it. This is a place with the softest sand we have ever felt between our feet, a glorious lagoon, you cannot see the end to. The sense of remoteness was complete.

While you ride, the sun is setting behing the famous bedsheets dune park.

The dunes are spread out just about a half an hour walk away from the main spot. A visit to the Llençois Maranhenses is a real cherry on top of this amazing place.

We felt totally disconected from the rest of the world, while in Atins, and it has been one of the most special places we have ever visited for kiting. We can’t wait to return.