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01 Jul Kite camps

Kite coaching – the easiest, safest and shortest way to your goals”

If you think watching instructional videos or trying to follow trick tips will do the same for you as kite coaching, think again. It will surely help in improving your riding and eventually landing a trick, but honestly a week of coaching is a different story.

kite coaching neededWith a dedicated coach supervising you from the beach and giving you exact tips on specific parts of the stages of a trick, when you need them, will definitely help you improve your level faster, safer, more efficently, and as a consequence you will learn more in a shorter period of time.

Kite coaching is a story of having fun and improving your riding level.
 Whoever stagnates at their progression, but wishes to advance, or looks for some inspiration, there is nothing better than joining a coaching kite camp. This way you receive external professional advise from your coach, with whom you work together on your development. The subjective analysis of riding and seeing your own errors on video, will make you regain motivation and help you complete the moves.


Join the family”

The specialist travellers propose being coached during your kite trip at your own pace. Kite Escape organises kitesurf holidays in the form of kite camps. Joining one of their coaching weeks will make for an intensive, focused and really fun kite progression holiday, where you dictate the rhythm you would like to follow with extra support of fellow riders.

As the kite camps are normally organized during specific dates, the spots are carefully chosen to ensure perfect conditions. The combination of excellent kite spots together with coaching focusing on specific goals, and step by step techniques ensure you achieve them. Aiding your progression greatly is on the spot coaching when trying new tricks, in combination with video feedback.

Personal approach”

Coaches at Kite Escape adapt to each individual’s level, pace and personality. On their camps they aim to create fun meeting points of people sharing the passion and similar objectives. Their goal is to arm people not only with kiting knowledge, but also with new connections and friendships, to be continued even after the completion of the camps.

coaching with trainer

Personal approach

team work at the beach

Fun team work


Imagine being surrounded by kite buddies all working together with a trainer pushing everyone’s level. A small community, your kite family, where everyone is encouraging each other. A sort of team building, working in a group, enjoying together, proven to result in more motivation and exchange of experience on and off the water.


“Imagine, believe, achieve”happy coach

So, if you feel stuck at a certain level of riding, get bored tacking up and down alone, want to improve your technique, have an issue performing a trick, are tired of crashing on your own, with no one to encourage you and laugh with you, when you mess up your landings in a really spectacular way… Or look for a different path to accomplish your goals and have fun in a great kiting location, while focusing on your riding?

You know the solution. Go for it! Spend some quality time on water being coached on one of the future kite camps. And send in some photos of your progression afterwards!


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