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More information and frequently asked questions:

What does it consist of?

You can buy a Kite Escape gift voucher to surprise someone with a kiting experience, a camp, a tour or a kite course. The person you give it to can choose the activity and destination any time during the next year.

Does it expire?

The gift vouchers have a frame expiration time of one year. However, if there the person, who receives the present for some reason can’t join any of the activities during the whole year, we will be happy to have them on one of our future camps.

What am I going to receive?

You are going to receive a nice personalised gift voucher that you can print yourself, and a Kite Escape t-shirt. See an example of a gift voucher here.

How much does it cost?

You decide. You are going to give away a voucher, that can be exchanged for any activity. In relation to the value of the voucher, the activity can be chosen. If the person in question wishes to join a more expensive activity, he/she can pay the difference. In case the activity costs less, the difference can be used for a future camp, or come with someone.

You can decide to buy a voucher in the value of half a kite camp and this way help someone to attend, and they would pay the difference, or just choose a few lessons for someone to get back on track.

Can I give away an exact camp?

Of course. Follow through the process of ordering your gift voucher and choose the desired camp from the list, and we will make a reservation for that special someone on this camp.

How do I order the voucher?
  1. You ORDER IT by filling out a form below and in the continuation you will be able to pay online. If you have any questions, please contact us.
  2. You RECEIVE the gift voucher immediately to your inbox.
How do I pay for it?

You will be able to pay online by Paypal or bank transfer.

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