What is kite coaching?


20 Apr What is kite coaching?

Do you sometimes feel stuck at a certain level of riding? Do you get bored just tacking up and down? Have an issue performing a trick? Or have clear objectives in kitesurfing, but feel like you may never achieve them due to lack of good conditions and quality time on water?

Kite coachingTarifaKite coaching is the perfect solution for riders who are motivated to achieve specific goals in kitesurfing, or riders who look for additional inspiration to have even more fun while kiting. People decide for kite coaching, because they want to improve their technique, or look for a different way to accomplish their goals. Reasons to take up kite coaching can be very different depending on each individual.

What would yours be?

Imagine a kitesurf holiday.

Where the total focus is on YOUR riding.

On what YOU want from kitesurfing.

And on what will help YOU achieve it.

Now…read that again… this is what kite coaching is all about, a special relationship about you and what you want to achieve, while having a great time.

How does kite coaching work?

Coaching is a great way of developing people’s abilities and skills, and of boosting their performance. During the coaching sessions any issues and challenges are also dealt with. Apart from establishing a learning path and developing the riders’ talents, increased motivation and self-esteem are natural consequences of kite coaching.

Goals are normally set through a conversation between the coach and the coachee (person being coached), jointly setting the expectations for what they want to achieve through coaching.

Foto5coachingarticleIn the future coaching sessions would focus on helping the coachee discover the best ways to his/her objectives.

Kite coaching is a training and learning process of a person aware of his/her capacity, focusing motivation and desire to achieve what they want, applying the tools needed to progress on track towards achieving their goals.

What does a coach do?

Your coach will foster your talent and make your performance grow through an action plan in which the objectives to be achieved are set.

Apart from mentoring you, using technical skills, experience, and a “telling” style of direction, your coaches will take upon many different roles during the coaching sessions.


Kite coachingA coach

  • Advises on the right choice of equipment
  • Assesses the performance of riders
  • Demonstrates the skills to be performed
  • Becomes a friend
  • Makes sure everyone trains in a safe and relaxed environment
  • Instructs
  • Menthors
  • Motivates
  • Observes and analyzes, breaking the action down into phases
  • Provides feedback encouraging self-analysis of coachee’s possible issues
  • Organizes and prepares coaching and training sessions
  • Is a role model and a
  • Fountain of knowledge – knows about diet, specific exercises, injuries etc.


How do I get myself signed up for some kite coaching?

Kite clinic Tarifa

Kitesurf holidays with coaching will often be organized into kite camps. Joining a kite camp with coaching will make for an intensive, focused and really fun kitesurf holiday, where you dictate the rhythm you would like to follow.

This also means there will be meaningful progression. As the kite coaching is normally organized during specific dates, the spots should be carefully chosen to ensure perfect conditions. The combination of excellent kite spots together with coaching focusing on specific goals and step by step techniques ensure you achieve them. Aiding your progression greatly is the on the spot coaching when trying new tricks along with video feedback.


Golden Rules of CoachingKite coaching Brazil


Coaching is based on confidentiality and trust.

The enviornment for training should be relaxed and ensure the right conditions.

There’s no judgment or fixed agenda, however there’s a set goal for each session.

The solution to the coachee’s issue lies within the coachee.

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